E-mail server

What is Email?

The short form of electronic mail is email which is a method by which people connect with each other with the help of digital technology. Although it is basically a text-based communication system, due to the modernization of technology, it is possible to send files, images or ongoing videos of attachments as an attachment through today.

In other words, it is a fast and secure communication system that allows a netizen send it to another netizen user, any type of information that can be sent to any user.


Why email is so popular?

An inspection shows that people can present very well in email than directly or indirectly presenting any subject in any voice system.

Moreover, it is cheaper than the other Communication Systems, but the quality communication system. The temporary absence or relapse of the recipient can not have any adverse effect on this email communication system.

Email Short History

In the year 1970, Ray Tamlinson developed the local email system using NetNox operating systems that were named as SNDMSG and READMAIL. In 1971, he invented an email system that was re-arpanetable. Three are the first to use the @ symbol to mark the recipient of the email that is used on the current email system.
In subsequent periods, various mailings systems and standards have been invented gradually, including MAIL, MLFL, RD, NRD, WRD, MSG, MMDF and Send Mail.

What is email server?

Email server is an application that receives mail from the sender, preserves it and mails the mail forward to the recipient. The email server is called MTA or mail transfer agent.
All mail clients' addresses and mails are stored on the email server. When someone sends an email to a specific email address, that email is sent to a certain email server. The email server sends that mail to the client.


What is the email client?

Email client is an application that works in mail, send, receive and organize to a personal computer or workstation. This is called a client because of this because it is based on the client server architecture.
Some very popular Alan E-mail clients are Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Pegasus. Besides, email clients of Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail, who use the free mail service, are in the company's web page.

What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transparent Protocol or SMTP is a standard for email transporter. SMTP was first defied based on RFC 821. Currently the latest version of SMTP is Defined based on ESMTP or Extended SMTP RFC 5321.
This SMTP protocol works with all outgoing messages. SMTP uses 25 ports for this purpose.

What is POP3?

Post Office Protocol Version 3 Shortly known as POP3 This is an application layer Internet Standard Protocol that performs the Mail Receive. POP3 uses 110 ports for this purpose. Another alternative port for POP3 is 995.

There are several parts of email

An email has two main components

1. Email Header: Email header contains the address of the sender and addresses of the recipient and some other necessary information.

2. Mail Body: You have a written text and signature in the email body.
How a real email system works
1. An email is sent from the sender's email client or workstation via SMTP protocol. This email must be the recipient's address.

2. This mail arrives in the public Internet area and crosses the router and returns to the email server specified for the sender's mail.

3. If the recipient's email address is under the same MTA, the email server will send that mail to the recipient and if the difference is MTA then the email server will send that mail to a different email server.

4. The email server will send that mail to the recipient's address using the SMTP protocol. Basically the address of the recipient or the space for the mail is on that mail server. The email client will contact the SMTP protocol 110 port via 25 port of the POP3 protocol to receive mail receipt.

5. Then the mail will be stored in an email box of the recipient's email box as an undisired status.

6. Readers will open the e-mail client and read the mail and change the status of the mail to read status. When sending an attachment to the sender's mail, the recipient can download it and save it to a local computer.

author Author: Alex Morgan

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