Become Good Programmer

Let's face it, it's not easy to become a programmer. It requires patience, skill, knowledge, creativity and ability. Let's try to cover these aspects how to become a good programmer.

Patience | patience

You are expected to deal with unsettled problems and advance your boundaries, and sometimes it will happen when you get stuck on things, it may take hours at a time. All-nighters are very common when you are working on a challenging problem. Along with this, you need to have strong debugging skills. The ability to read someone else's code is another potential that you learn first, you're better in programming.

Skill | skill

Here we are talking about many skills, the skills to solve your problem are the top priority. If you do not have itching to solve a complex problem, then you may not be able to stretch yourself in this area. If you feel that you are being forced to work on the problem set, then it is time to introspect for you. Other skills are time management and work-life balance, which is ever heard of the adage - "All work and no sports make Jack a dull boy"

Knowledge | Knowledge

Theoretical computer science begins where practical computer science ends. You have to know your theory, then you will be able to write good, clean and reusable codes. Make friends with complexity and architecture, they will help you become a leaner programmer. Working with Excel is often underestimated by the software development community, but it helps to keep track of your tasks (as long as you are not using tools like JIRA), as well as to test your program. It is also very helpful in (if you are part of the FINETEL INDUSTRIES)).

Creativity | Creativity
It is weird that people think that programmers are just staring at the computer screen. I think programming is an art and you should always feel like the artist of your work. This will help both sides of your brain work and create a sense of pride in your work.

Never Say Die Attitude | Never lose

Programming will break you. Working in a long stretch environment works for a long time. But it is only the best that makes it and remains alive. This is the reason why such a large salary variation for programming jobs, $2.5k - $20.5k Your attitude is very important in every profession.

Continuous Learning | Continuous training

Once we start working, we forget how we actually get there. Continuous learning is needed and its use should be in your work. This will help you keep yourself ahead and keep the curve ahead. Learning should not be confined to certificates only, but should be technically specialized because technology is an enabler for a specific domain. The more you study, the more your prospects are excluded from a subject, and the world likes more than the general experts.

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author Author: Christina Austerliz

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