Top 10 Code Editors

Now-a-day it is quite familiar to use of code editor for web Developing or Programming. It helps the coder to find out where they do errors. Only Programmers can understand the concequence of missing a comma in a thousand line script. In this case Code Editors help you by notifying about the missing syntax instantly.
Here we are going to introduce you about the top 10 Code Editors for coder.Easy to handle code.

1. PHPStom

Good Platform for working with wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Yii and other Frameworks.

It has new version control systems integration, support for remote develoment, composer, Rest Client, vagrant, Databases(SQL) Command tools and other awesome tools. Easy to handle Github. Easy Debaugging and Testing.

PHP Stome

1. Easily run in windows platform, Linux, Max OS ( By Using Wine), Unix.
2.Good Interface Supports Editor
3. Support External Plugins
3.Easy to find and replace code or text
5.Has Compiler Integration
6. Full Screen mode
7.Auto Complete and indentation

Price : 30 Days Free for Trial or $ 159.00 for continuous usage
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2. Netbeans


1. Easy Interface for begginer
2.Support External plugins
3. Auto Completion and indentation
4. Full Screen mode

Price: Free
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3. Sublime Editor

Sublime is considered one of the lightweight Code Editor. It is an awesome and powerful Code Editor which can provides you IDE features as well as python script. It has a great speed and efficiency to customize code. It has good interface to understand easily for begging.



1. Easily Handle Multi Line selection and editing
2. Support cross platform
3. Highlighting the error with suggestion
4. External plugins Support
5. Easily Customizable
6. Cross Platform Suppor

Price: 1 month free Trial / $70 for continuous usage
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4. Notepad++

Notepad text editor you will find in window OS. Notepad++ is an advance feature of Notepad. The main difference between Notepad and Notepad++ is the interface. Notepad++ supports many Programming languages HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT etc. It is mainly use for the best HTML editor. Code syntaxs are Highlights with difference colors here.



1.  Lightweight application and lanches quickly.
2. East to use external plugins with macros
3.Easy for beginners.
4. Full Screen Mode
5. FTP support
6. Add Bookmarks 
7. Compiler Intergration
8. Auto Iindentation
9. Color codes

Price: Free
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5. Atom

Atom is free open source and highly customizable code editor. It is quite similar to Sublime. Many Developer like to use Atom as an alternative editor. Its negative interface easy to handle. 



1. Multiple line seclections
2. File system browser
3. Supports Code snippets
4. Easily Understandable UI
5. Find and replace option

Price: Free
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6. Coda

Coda is a Mac supported Code Editor. Code supports OS X 10.75 and later versions of Mac. It is one of the best code editor that support Mac systems only. Coda has many essential features that make easy to develop web applications. For quick uploads from a  remote location coda has Transmit Turbo Engine supports.



1.Auto code complete
2. Main features are integrated compactly.
3. Leopard GUI
4. Easy Drag and Drop option

Price : 7 day Trial / $99 full Version
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7. Bluefish

 Bluefish supports many high level machine language. It free, supports variety Programming language.  Bluefish is used as a multipurpose editor for web developing and other kinds of programming.


1. Multiple line selection
3. Easy to handle Project 
4. FTP / HTTP / HTTPS / and other
5. Auto recovery
6. Code snippets

Price: Free

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8. Brackets

Brackets is another powerful , free and open source editor lauched by Adobe.  It has some awesome and unique features. Bracket permit you to extract information directly from PSDs for example font, gradients, colors, clean css.



1. Live Preview
2. Good collection of library extensions
3. Easily extract

Price: Free 
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9. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has flexible interface and fast coding engine to make easy for web designers and front end developers to create code and easily handle by its preview.



1. Fast work
2. Esay for beginners
3. Nice UI
4. Rich library

Price: Free Trial 
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10. Visual Studio Code

This application is a Microsoft base platform for coders. It is an open source platform. It supports Windows, Mac, OS X and Linux. It has most essential programming experience to developers for making their  work easy. It is very lightweight and does not occupied much of the RAM

Visual Code


1. Offers debugging features
2. Suport more than 30 programming languares such as ASP.NET, PHP, C#, Python, etc.
3.Has Portable version to download

Price : Free
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All those Code Editors are most favourite for Web Development.


author Author: Robert Calixto

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