The Simplest 5 Steps To Do SEO Blog

I appeared again Hope you are good. Blogger-Web masters use search engine optimization by adopting one-to-one approach to increase visitors to their web pages. Generally, search engine optimization can be done in 2 ways.
-white hat seo
-black seo

Seo search engine optimization is a huge thing, that can not be terminated all by one day. Experienced blogger-web masters are seen to be using their own methods to increase Visitor on their web page. I will say today seo search engine Optimization is the simplest and effective 5 steps. Hope you will get good Knowledge about Blog SEO and Increase your blog visitors.


SEO Search Engine Optimization - step 1

Correct Keyword Selection:

You do not have to write a post very well. If you want to get a good visitor and seo correctly, the prerequisite is to write the item, choose the right keyword, write the key-based post. How to choose keywords? Hmm ... To say in simple English, what we find in Google by entering a search, that is what the keyword is. Now readers can use all the words to find your writing search engine, what they call your post. Think you should write a post about fruit juice. The readers who use your Word to get your post out of Google are "Fruit juice, juice making etc ... etc ..."
And today, there are many websites that will help you in the selection of keywords.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - step 2

Use the key word in the title:

I think we have got key word research. Now we will add that keyword to the title of the post. Note that this step is very important as the search engine continues to rank ahead. Because they can do their best. See, when you search by typing something, you can find that keyword in the title, in which you can find that keyword. It is important to understand that how to use key word in the head if the SEO / search engine optimization ranks well.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - step 3

Use of keywords in subtitles:

To write a post on a blogspot, write the title, subtitles just like it, and use the keyword subtitle to increase the search engine optimization rank. It will be 2pm Looks beautiful on your writing and, more importantly, keywords will be highlighted, simultaneously the search engine optimization will increase the rank. Do not forget to cross this step but you can. Every step is important for search engine optimization or seo.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - step 4

Using keywords in the post:

In the list of search engines, the key word in the post for the hope is that you know yourself how important it is. I hope I do not have to say anything new. To minimize the power-absorption seo search engine optimization, write the post to increase the keyword's density. Because the more posts you use in the keyword, the more search results you get. 1.5% -4.5% of post-compliance posts have a keyword presence in the key search engine optimization.


SEO Search Engine Optimization - step 5

Write bigger posts of 300 words

If you now write a short post, then the keyword density is higher in that post, and your posts will be backward than the larger posts. To be ahead of SEO search engine optimization, you must write big and many keywords rich posts. So the probability of getting a lot of Visitors increases. And the standard for this is 300 words bigger posts. Make sure the post does not go too small. The search engine optimization is a bit of a creative one. If your thinking is superior to me, then you must go ahead of me in seo or search engine optimization.

author Author: Robert Calixto

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