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WordPress Or blogger which one is the best? There is a similar debate among many. But it is basically nothing but stupid. Advantages of course WordPress forward because this is ideal to easily use and maintain almost any type of site. But keep in mind that there are many advantages as well as there are many disadvantages. So you have to see which one is for you. Benefits of these will get many tunes online with the inconvenience aspects. So I did not want to go to Sesabe. But to talk about the convenience of the discussion.


First of all, Both are in free of charge, but WordPress is open source and more customizable. However, editing the site with blogspot site is relatively easy. However, in WordPress you will get various plugins that are not on the blogosphere.

Second, the blogosphere will be available from Google's host and domain.

Third party domain can be added if needed.However, hosting and domain thirdparty in WordPress. For this reason, to get good service, hosting and domain purchases must be purchased. So there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

So now the question is, what is the advantage of these platform? and which one is the best? I do not want to go to the debate today. Because I think the important question is, where should I host my site?

Site type

Let's say another thing before coming to the main discussion. WordPress has two types of services. and But in this discussion I exclude Only and Blogspot are the topics to discuss. Here you can learn about and


You can create a site with a free 1GB image hosting on the Blogspot. And if you want the site to be paid template and domain, then you will be able to spend about $ 15 ($ 1200) to $ 30 ($ 2400). But there are many nice templates available. And you can get all the paid templates freely. You can create free hosting and domain sites on WordPress, but you will not get good services. It is good to take paid hosting. However, the free hostel hosting service is fairly good. But developing a theme in Wordpress is a bit difficult to take a paid theme, it requires a little budget. There are a lot of free themes, but you will have to spend for the good themes. But what Google said earlier would get fry, but is not it necessary to do this to create a beautiful site? So, if the budget is a little more then we should come to Wordpress. And using free themes is good to buy domain and hosting. can add / .net / .net / .group to your domain. This will cost around $10 per year. However, the domain can be up to $8-$30 Per year.



If the purpose is to earn, it is easy to find the Adsense, the golden deer blogspot. Also you can use Many Ads network so that you can earn handsome money. You can use Chitrika, Propeller Ads, , infolink and many more.


Blogspots are easier for beginners. Easily editable and beautifully arranged. Wordpress is a little harder for beginners. You can use free theme for Blogspot and WordPress.

WordPress has lot of resource comparatively Blogspot. There are hurdred or thousand plugins to optimized your WordPress site.You can do everything need to do for a website (Optimization, customization, database maintain, cache manage).

WordPress Plugin

So now decide, which one is for you? Adsense will never get easily However, compared to WordPress, blogspot is easy to get Adsense. However, it needs quality, English language and visitor-rich blogs. In addition to other ad services, WordPress or Blogger will not be affected.


author Author: Alex Morgan

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