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It is very important to choose the right path from various career options after completing engineering in computer science.But for those who do not have to do after engineering in computer science, do not know how IT is still confused about career options after engineering, how do we get the best jobs done in IT, after DDstep experts get help. We can give you a roadmap to make you the right career.

Keeping this changing trend, we have made a list of the 11 best computer science career options for the new lean industry.


This is a fully-fledged developer profile that is ideal for someone who really loves the code and is looking for a technical architect. The difference here is that with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php), we have MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS). Although the MEAN stack is still in its early stages, many companies are experimenting with it a lot.

Tips - More than 1 programming language (PHP, the easiest), SQL, commands on server command / scripting Take an old machine, install Ubuntu, and take yourself out.


This is for something that can actually see data all day (it is easier than work). This is usually a different situation in large companies, but in small people, this is the developer who is responsible for this layer.

Tips - Databases are based on the theory, they go through the basics. Make sure you have a practical knowledge of joining (the interviewer usually asks this question).


This is a developer who is responsible for opening your app with other platforms and / or other applications. Consider the example that FitBit can be integrated with Amazon Alexa using APIs.

Tips - Start with original received requests, then start playing with other types. You need to set a complete stack for it (use tools like Fidler to help you know things) unless you want to go through serverless root, which is beyond the scope of this article. There are also developer tools in the browser to assist you in this process.


Data Enginnering perfect for those who want the best of both worlds - data and programming. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) will be part of your job. It would be better to honor those scripting skills.

Tips - Python really can help you parser the data. Learn regular expressions to help find relevant patterns. Accuracy with different database connection strings will definitely help.

5 DevOps

This is one of the recent posts. This includes development and operation. From continuous distribution to basic infrastructure, everything is part of DevOps.

Tip: The best way to learn basic structure is AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Check if you are eligible for any student in it.


If hardcore backend programming is playing with your creative side then this career option can be mature for you. With the industry focusing on the user experience and ideal of pixel perfection, the front-end developer's status has become mainstream.

Tip - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Responsive Web Design Learn to play with different libraries. Knowledge of angular and reaction will be helpful


If the user interface and user experience are those that keep you awake all night, then this may be the profession you are looking for. The user experience is picked up with mobile prominence.

Tips - Photoshop and loads of imagery.

8 QA

If you are a sticker for bugs, then this could be a profession for you. Learning automation has become the norm for QA, learning automation is important. QAs are always close to business (compared to developers)!

Tips - the more organized you are, the better. Become proficient in a programming language and use the same to automate your script. Also try to understand the business which parts will not be tested but the whole system.


If you are not on Google's first page, then you are in all likelihood that it is not relevant. SEO has become very important for any online business. There is a lot of noise in the SEO industry but only a few who really know how to do it.

Tips - Content is very relevant and you are better at making better content and are likely to be a good SEO expert.


For those who love technology and marketing, this can be a very rewarding profession. Not only do you have to work closely with big brands (hopefully), but also help in making effects in the bottom line.

Tips - numbers, goals, sales, leads, reputation - you will hear this every day. As far as your content is concerned, you should be aware, fast, funny and trustworthy. There may be a separate section for Digital Marketing Professionals because it is a large area (not yet fully mature)


This is for those who have little programming (some college projects, free-lance work or real interest)

Tips - Knowledge of Java / SWIFT, aspects of designing and APIs is something essential in this area.

We can remember a lot of options in the list of this computer science engineering career because IT industry is very huge and can be super special, but with an overview of 5000 feet, these are the areas for which small firms usually hire .

Wish you a job. Comment below if you have any query.

author Author: Alex Morgan

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