In online world, it is important to keep web resource brief and to the point. In this case RSS(Rich Site Summary) use as point of the whole web blogs. RSS was first introduced 26 July 2007 for websites. It is use xml programming language which is easy to understand for google boot. RSS or Atom feed allows internet users to choose their own e-zine filled with update form the websites that they use to visit regularly.


Blogs daily added more and more content. So it can be difficult to keep up with what is going on online world.

With this picture above we are known to less and more When we visit different sites, I see an icon like this photo on many sites. It is written in RSS Feed or Atom. Sometimes the question arises, what is the work of this RSS feed or atom? If the question remains in mind and you are not aware of it, then this post is for you!

What is RSS? Why?

The full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary. It is the way to show viewer latest changing web content. Now many webblog use RSS feed for online publishers syndicate web content in web RSS.

Suppose you visit some sites regularly and read important texts or updates on that site. Maybe you go to the news sites of any news site. Regular visits to many blog sites and read posts of those blogs. It is seen that 10 types of such sites are seen by your regulars, and 10 other sites are only available for updates. It's time to spend a lot of time to stay updated. But if this is the case, you can get updates of these 20 sites together with a site or a software or get the headline of the news or you are getting the title of the latest posts of the forum and some other role along with it, would not it be so much fun? Seeing the post or the news title, it seemed important that they entered the site. Just to do this thing is easy to understand.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<rss version="2.0">

  <title>Codetones Home Page</title>
  <description>Codetones provides solution about Web Designing, web development, programming tutorials</description>
    <description>Codetones- Programming tutorials section introduce you to new features tutorials about HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter etc</description>
    <title>HTML Tutorial</title>
    <description>Codetones-Programming with HTML for beginner to advanced level</description>


RSS has many full meaning such as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. The meaning of syndication is that any information can be published anywhere (either on a site or in some desktop software), which is coming from another source (maybe this is another web site). That is, in general it can be assumed that an easy way to show the information of any site on another site or anywhere is RS. This RSS standard updates via XML.

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