Professional Computer Programmer

Computer programmer is used for a person who works in the area of ​​computer software, by combining one or more programming languages, the program is created, which is computer, mobile or any hardware Drives, some standard programming languages ​​are used to create them, if you want to be a programmer , Then it is to elaborate on this page.

How to become a programmer

A programmer usually pragrams for software applications and operating systems, after a software developer designs a computer program, is written by the programmer, which converts that design into one of the instructions that the computer can follow.

Educational qualification

For diploma in programming, it is mandatory to have 50 percent marks and 12th pass, while Bachelor degree course, BE / B.Tech for Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics should be 12th with 50 percent marks.

The age

The minimum age of the candidate is 18 years and the maximum age is 40 years for a computer programmer.

Curriculum Duration

It takes about four years to become a programmer, if you take about three years after doing BSc from computer science, the duration of the diploma in programming is 3 years, while the ME / MTech course is of 2 years.

Course for creating programmers

If you want to become a programmer, it is very important for you to have knowledge of languages ​​related to computer, such as C language, C ++, Java, Python, C-word etc., because you can not make any software without any computer language.

Computer programming course:

Web development

Database design


hardware and software


Information related to computer programming courses

Students are presented with object oriented programming and basic concepts in software development, including class, heritage, control structures, simple data structures and objects. A laboratory section provides hands-on experience to solve common programming problems. Computer science chiefs need to take this course.

Computer architecture course

In computer architecture, the system design, machine language and computer organization are included at their most basic level. This following course for computer science heads includes Boolean algebra and logic, integer, scaled, and floating point binary arithmetic, control, arithmetic-logic, and pipeline units, and mode and various types of memory addressing.

Computer programming intro

After programming language learning you can start making software programs, students of this course learn how to design software using large codes and patterns, integrated design, debuggers, system build tools and code re-factoring, under it in other subjects There are also GUIs, multi-threading, client-server networking and event-driven programming.

Operating system course

Computer science students are told about the fundamental principles of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, under which topics include operating system, synchronization, conservation, scheduling, virtual memory, paging, devices, security and files. Is involved in the development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a way through which we can create computers that we think are computer control robots that we can think like. AI is a language of computer science, which is related to the creation and study of computer systems. The main objective of Artificial Intelligence is to create an expert system that has the power of human thought.

Computer programmer salary

Computer programmers get 1500 to 3000$  per month as salary, and this salary increases on the basis of their work experience.

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