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1. Use the post links to increase the visitor's website:

Links to your posts will play a very effective role in getting a large number of visitors to the website, because many people have the potential to reveal the interest of visiting the site. Add the URL of the site to the sharing of the page, because many of the title, description, image, etc. of the site can be found from your URL, so what kind of text and images will be used in your post, you have to determine based on your product.


The quality of these good quality text and images is very high for users, because they will be interested in your product through informative and attractive text or image, and generally the users increase the importance of such images, so it is important to have good quality text, use of images So that the images of your post are clearly targeted Receives promotion from customers.

2. Use post related images and videos:

Try to share pictures of your product or product's good quality pictures or customers who have benefited from your product so others feel interested in using your product. Larger media sites also attract images of your post's images and videos by attracting these good quality pictures and videos. Try to post the post as short but informative, because users prefer to read relatively small and short posts.

3. Give attention to user / customer feedback:

Regardless of the quality of your product for your Audience, keep in mind the ability to comment or comment, and try to give their customers the proper importance of their ideas to increase your productivity. For business success, it plays an important role in targeted customers to attract or make them attractive to your product.

For example, we might consider Coodetones ( It is an IT training center which has been providing many important training on various subjects of the ITE section for quite a long time and has the ability to give opinions on their Facebook page or group for their audiences. This allows users to get answers to their many useful questions very easily or they can also give their important feedback.


4. Provide interesting discounts and promotions:

Provide some special offers for your product to increase online sales or to make targeted customers interested. Add links to your product links to your website.

As such, Creative Eye companies always offer special offers through their posts, which are very helpful for their business success. For example, they introduced huge offers of free scholarship for 100 women in graphic design. There are always many big special offers arranged in their posts.

5. Provide interesting information:

The more interesting information about your product, the more customers can be interested in your product. So try to attract them as much as possible by providing interesting information for customers who are related to your page or to increase the number of your products. Try to attract customers by giving you important information about your product, content or events.

6. Take care of time:

You must be aware that at the time your customers are more interested in your products and when they are looking at your posts, you can post or reply to the posts so that your posts appear to the targeted customers very quickly. As you are more likely to receive more responses to your posts on current events or holidays. You must also try to reply to their comments at the right time, as long as you can respond well to their comments, the more likely you are to be interested in a customer interested in your product.

Tips: To give a little idea to everyone about the product, about two weeks before trying to increase the chance of selling a product in your advance, try regularly posting minor so that everyone expresses interest in your upkeeping product.

7. Create a Planner Calender:

The easiest way to keep regular communication with your fans is to create a specific calendar every week or on which product it will discuss or review. It will not only be helpful for your regular posts, but also help you create good plans, help you to target targeted customers, and help you get a lot of important events or news for your business. Try to keep in touch with some of the groups that will help you with your work or help your product's customers.

8. Set the posting schedule:

Set your time to share your posts. Especially when your product fans are online, try to share your posts so that the posts appear to them fast. After sharing your post, you can easily find out which of your customers are online and on your page. If you want to edit your top page and select the activity log you can set your shared post.

9. Target your posts:

If your posts are intended for members of a particular group, then by clicking on the target icon at the bottom left of the page sharing tool, select the ad targets and you can target the post. You can target your post subject to issues related to female / male, relation status, educational status, interested person, age, locale, language etc.

10. Track your post's performance:

Try to stay active with the regular pages to understand what needs to be done to increase the involvement of posts with your customers or to promote the promotion of posts. By getting involved with the page, you will have a great idea about the needs of customers and they will help to understand what kind of content is more interested in it.

Therefore, it is very important for you to engage in regular association with the page.

author Author: Alex Morgan

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