Blogger Important Setting is a free blog that allows you to get started, even if you are interested in using Facebook Account. If you are interested in getting started with Blogger, please start the blog by setting me on the Blogger Basic Setting page. There is no way to undo the log of this message.

If you are trying to start a Blogger blog, then you should use the settings below. If you are using a blog or you do not even have access to the settings, then you can still access your blog's results.

Set the title of the blog to your website's name.

Blog Description I like 160 words me, what is your blog?

The blog does not have a search for me, we can set it up. You can disable it if you want to create your blog. Or if the blog is set to allow you to go to the search box. search for me
The address of the blog is set to go from here, but you have to use the free address to create a blogspot blog that is open. However, if you have the right to add a domain to a web site, then you can add Blogspot Choose Blog
HTTPS is enabled for the security of the blog, but it's a ranking factor that has given me a lot of rank. You can enable this setting. Blogger me is trying to set HTTPS for us in detail.


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You can manage a blog or author from here. You can add one to the author too. If you have a tip, you will not be able to share your email with the public for the privacy of the blog or use the email for the public use.
If you want to open your blog, then open any public that you want to open. You can change this from any of the public, then you can open the blog and send it to the blog.

Step 2: Post, Comments and Sharing Setting

The home page of the blog is set to be included in the post. It is recommended that you do not add 10 pages to the blog load time.
Let's select the first time in the Archive. I am going to the monthly monthly rate, but you can still do so.
You can add text to a text template as soon as possible, or if you have a new version of your new code, you can add it.
Click on the image to open the popup and open it again if you want to open it.
The name of the box on the location of the place is set to the left. If it is embedded in the comment box then it will be added.
Please comment on how to comment on the blog. If you have any query? please comment on it.
Please do not show me any of the posts you want to show in the app.
If you can not comment on spam, please try to comment on the word Verification, and then after confirming it has been commented on.
You can also set the message to the message in the form.

Step 3: Email Setting

To send an email directly to the direct post, it is possible to put in place .. iski puri is available, we have got a message from the direct email.
Anyone can edit this blog by clicking here to send us an email notification.
You can add 10 email to post a reply.

Step 4: Language and Formatting Settings

Now that you have a choice of the format or any language, please save it.

Step 5: Blogger Search Preference Setting

I would like to see how Google has searched the website for you as well, or you have 2 lines which are available on your website. Do not read any of the links to your website which is why you want to serve. Adding Meta Tags to the Web page
If you do not want to open a link on your site, you can set a 404 error message to show the code.
If you change your URL or you do not have a URL, you can redirect it to a URL or URL.
Google Search Console can add directly to the blog. It is possible to add a new report to Google Search Console.
The robot.txt is the default language, you have to compare it or you can change it to a specific location. I do not recommend it to you, but you do not have any suggestions yet. do not change anything The Blogger robot.txt file has been set to us.
Header tags can be added to the search results. If you are not able to send a message, you can still remove your blog from your search.
 If you are interested in using Adsense ads, please add Ad.txt code.

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Step 6: Other Setting

The backup of the blog or comment-post is back to the top .. It is important for Sefty to be sure that time-to-time is required to back up, but somehow it is possible to find out more about the site. Blogger Backup has been added to the web site.
To delete the blog, go to the gallery. Delete it again in 3 months and delete it from the folder itself. I can remove it from the blog itself.
You can customize the blog's feed and customize it.
Blog is not available for content, but it is also a warning to open the blog.

Step 7: User Setting

Choose a blog from the author's profile, select it. Just go to the Google+ page and select Blogger.
You can set you right from the language to English or English to use it.
At Last:

To help you decide what kind of blog is or how to do that, or what did you do with the Blogger. To last me, I did not even try to set up the blog and start using the blog.

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