Face A Technical Job Interview

With the end of the exam, students start looking for a job and sometimes they are kept in the case of better job. This can be a very stressful exercise because the feeling of having too much time in pressure and hands starts drowning. And there is no clue on how to crack the technical job interview, the problem increases.

Over time, while conducting the placement drive, we have seen that the month of June / July sees the most enthusiasm and severity.

Some tips have been given from the other side of the table to help you prepare these interviews:

1. Basics | the basics

Keep your basics very clear. Conditions like Block Chain, Big Data, Machine Learning can be dropped only when you know the basics around it. As a matter of fact, all the students who mentioned them in their initial resume, did not make it in the first round.

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2. Resume | Biodata

Keep your resume crisp, do not get photocopies, especially dirty photocopies. One resume is the first impression. Try to limit it to 1 page, which separates actions and / or words from others. On average, less than 30 seconds will be spent on your resume and you have to make the best effect during that time frame. Résumés should always be up to date.

3. Hobbies | Hobby

Write them only if you have them. Watching movies and listening to music will not help you find a job. Companies not only work for your skill, but also what else you bring in the company. You will spend a part of your adult life in the office and will only work and no game will be the kind of life that you would prefer (or not around you).

4. Writing Code | Written code

Typing codes and writing codes are 2 different things. During your interview, you will be given a paper and asked to write the code. This can be a very painful experience for those who have not practiced it. The best companies follow this practice.

5. I Do Not Know is Perfectly Fine. I do not know exactly

Everyone likes some honesty, you can actually get some brownie points to accept that you try to guess something clearly and know nothing rather than being wrong.

6. Admit If You Are Wrong | If you are wrong then log in

There is no shame in accepting that you are wrong. In your corporate career, there will be many situations where you are wrong. The higher the ladder you ride, the more circumstances It's better to add a habit of accepting it.

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7. Dress Well | Nice to wear

Do not overdo your dressing, nor go for a very comfortable look. Understand the difference between business, business, casual and casual.

8. Asked Questions | Ask questions

When the interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask questions, make sure you ask some good questions. It shows your severity to the job and the company

9. Always be thankfu | Always before

Whether you get work or not, be grateful for the opportunity that came in your way. Working with a new face is challenging because it is like a double-edged sword.

Bonus tip: Load like this

When you are given a problem, it is not expected that you will be able to solve it. This is your problem-solving attitude and style that is being judged. By not thinking about load or telling your interviewer about your attitude, you are reducing your chances. You will be prompted several times to reach the next step. The interviewer can not go inside your head, make sure you tell him what's inside him.

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author Author: Alex Morgan

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