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If you do not have a web search for traffic on your blog, then focus on the image search. If you want to add an image to your blog, you can also add an image to your traffic.

The Image Blog post is the most popular, or Image SEO, which is the main tool for SEO.

When I go to the next page, I will be able to upload it. If I can not see the image, I would like to see that 1000 images have been uploaded, or you can still see it. If you want to add a picture to your image, then add it to your post. I would like to add 1000 words to get a copy of the image.

The Free Stock Image is the list of sites that can be downloaded here. or if you are sharing Google's copyright for free images, please share it with us.

SEO Friendly Image 

The search engine friendly of SEO is matched when searching for any image that you want to search (Google Image Search).

Google is not able to send a picture or image to me, but I do not see any image yet, you just want to get it. Jinka is offline, you can add SEO Friendly Image.

For SEO Friendly Post, you also need to add an image to your site.

1 # Please copy the image to first

This is the first time I have been waiting for you to do so, but I do not know how much it is. I have not seen any photo since I got some number of names (232247248). It is a word that Google can not tell you what to do, but if you agree with us, you will have the right to use the name of the image.


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2 # Add image to ALT tag

I can not read my image in Google Images because I am able to do the image. I have uploaded my post to the tag, but I do not want to add it to the image that I am doing here, I have ALT Tag is a HTML code

Follow the steps to add ALT tags.

Step 1: Upload an image to Post Editor.

Step 2: Click on image to select .. Click Properties

Step 3: Save or hide any of the buttons on your ALT tag.

Add alt tag to my image search

I would like to add a text to the title text. If I see an image on my face, then my name will be popup hoga.

3 # Image me Caption Use

I can add you to the caption of the image, which is a visitor to your blog, and you can help to save your blog. You do not have to go to the SEO for the image of the image that is going to have a paragraph like a caption me .

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4 # Images

There is a difference between the image formate me size.

The image of the image is not directly connected to a search on the image itself. It's the image of the size of the image that can be used as a key to the image that has the size of the image to load the site load time. Loading what's on the site's status is the main reason. The image's main purpose is to use the Png, Jpg, Gip .. You can use any other format to make a memory format. According to my opinion JPG

Image size has been added to the web site, which means that you can compress the image from your site directly, so that you can compress the image.

If you decide to change the format of the computer, you can use the Format Factory software.

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