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Interviews can be extremely stressful, but one or two days before the interview can actually be a bit scary. We have seen that the students are completely empty and blackout during this time. Knowing how to prepare for a technical interview, can help overcome these conditions and help in avoiding.
Here we will only discuss engineering interviews, because the B-school recruitment process is completely different from that.


We are assuming that you were actually preparing for your interview, because clearly the preparation of the interview is completely different and some serious efforts have been made. It is time to go through important questions, these are the questions that you have already covered during your preparation. The best resources for this are Gayle Lacquer's books - Coding the Coding Interview. It can be bought on Amazon.
Here is why it is believed that this is one of the best programming books ever written:

2 WRITE YOUR CODE ON PAPER | Write your code on the paper -

Recently, while interviewing candidates for our software development company in Philadelphia, we saw them in shock condition when they were asked to write a code on a piece of paper. Those programmers are not the only ones who face that problem, some of the best programmers also struggle to do this. Best Companies - Microsoft, Google etc. You would expect to write algorithms (this should be very close to the code that works). Some excellent questions are around trees, data structures, databases, so make sure that you have done enough of these exercises. Do not work smart and hope that you will be able to solve these real time, there is no harm in practicing it. When you become one with the interviewer, the situation can be a bit heavier for the students.

How To Face A Technical Job Interview?

3 KNOW YOURSELF | Know yourself

Go through your resume very well and make sure that you know it every bit. More often than not, most students start copying copy (yes, sad but true), so it is very important that you write it and know it. If you write C ++, make sure you know it from inside. The hobby section is very important and the student usually understands its relevance. No company wants any sluggish resource to work for them. An ideal resume for a fresher should not exceed 1 page. The page should be good quality - no photocopies please. You can stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself "Tell me something about yourself".


You should looking for those following questions

Why this company?

What do you all know about the company?

Tell us about our main product / service?

Your research about the company speaks about you and every interviewer likes a candidate who has done his research well. Do research on the types of questions asked in the interview on other premises.

5 DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS | Do you have any questions ?

This is the most important part of an interview where your interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. Take this opportunity to create the last opportunity and pass the finish line. The question should be intelligent and show your vision and seriousness. Asking questions like, what will be my salary or I have been hired, there is no hardship.

Career Opportunity After Completing Computer Science And Engineering

BONUS POINT | bonus points

Go through all your concepts before your D day. We understand that it can not be possible to go through all those times, so try to go through our concept in 30 series. Concepts such as SQL, HTML, CSS, EXCEL, ASP.NET, Data Visualization are shared here and you can pass through every technical concept in 30 seconds.

Prepare for fun and best wishes for your dream job !!!

author Author: Alex Morgan

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